#Year2020 COVID19 related Guidelines 
2020 has been a challenging year for all due to COVID19 and we all need to do our bit to make sure we keep the environment around us as safe as possible. To enable CSA or Individuals conducting a safe and incident free season, the following guidelines are prescribed: 
  • STAY HOME if you have ANY health-related symptoms 
  • WEAR MASK whenever you are not able to maintain social distance of 6 feet. Applicable to players and umpires
  • MAINTAIN a 6-feet/2-meter DISTANCE between people while on the sidelines/dugout. ● Use NO-CONTACT greetings and team celebrations. NO Handshakes, High fives or anything that requires physical contact of any type. 
  • DO NOT apply FLUIDS (Saliva, Sweat, etc) on the ball 
  • DO NOT SHARE equipment during matches. Absolutely, NO SHARING anything that has a direct contact with the skin. 
  • Temperature check of all players and umpires prior to game commencement; where any player or umpire has a temperature of 100.4F (or 38c) or higher, then participation in that match should be denied. 
  • Scoring - Do NOT share a phone for scoring. Use the feature of copying scorecard and continue scoring. 
  • BYOB - Players to bring your own water/drink bottle.NO sharing of drinks or use of shared containers 
  • SANITIZE HANDS as often as possible. During breaks, innings change, and whenever possible.
  • STAY in the car, till the previous game teams leave the field. This is to avoid crowding and possible contact scenarios. 
  • Umpires should WEAR Gloves & stay far enough behind the stumps to avoid being close to the non-striker. 
  • AVOID giving caps or jackets to umpires. Bowler can place his cap at the starting mark of his run-up. 
  • Umpires should NOT hold on to player’s water bottles. 
  • AVOID carpooling to and from matches. If it's unavoidable, please ensure that the mask is worn by all in the car. 
  • DO NOT share lunch or snacks. Bring your own food.
  • Players sitting on the sidelines are recommended to WEAR GLOVES. 
  • Place your kit bag/s at MINIMUM DISTANCE (6ft) from that of the others. 
  • WASH your hands as frequently as possible. 
  • AVOID bringing family members as spectators/audience to the games. If you do, please make sure they follow the TCL Mandatory guidelines. 
  • CARRY Disinfecting Wipes such as Clorox. 
  • MAKE IT A PRACTICE to Wipe the Porta Potty Door handle and other surfaces you might touch, prior to and after use. 
  • DO NOT SHARE personal chairs. If you do, please wipe it down prior to use. 
The captains from each team and the umpires are responsible for ensuring the compliance of these guidelines (and/or any other relevant guidelines) by his/her team throughout the match. For the purposes of supporting potential contact tracing, the team captains should keep a record of all persons in attendance at each match. 
Let’s be RESPONSIBLE, INFORMED, SENSITIVE & ENGAGED in taking care of each other. We will RISE to the challenge, TOGETHER
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Use app to support contact tracing.
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